Provocative Topics for Senior Leadership Meetings

Engage your senior leadership team and awaken their creative energies by introducing provocative topics. When a senior leadership teams works together to define their own leadership foundation, they discover the alignment and purpose that solidifies the team. LRI is often asked to provide a facilitated front-end session to a senior leadership meeting that reinforces the conversations and decisions the team is asked to make.

If you want to get your Senior Leadership Meeting, Executive Summit or other company meeting started in a way that enhances creativity and promotes alignment, ask us about facilitating one of these topics- or choose one of your own:

  • Our Leadership Culture - How do we define “leadership” for our company and how do we reinforce great leadership in our teams, our firm and ourselves?
  • Innovation Mindsets - Developing a culture of “affordable risk” opens the door to possibilities and change. What kind of risk are we willing to take and how can reward success while making it okay to fail? What is the role of the leader in creating an environment that facilitates innovation?
  • Organic Growth Culture - Research shows that organic growth can come from anywhere in the organization. What can we, as leaders, do to drive organic growth and allow both incremental and radical growth ideas to surface and be tested?