High Performance Leadership Program

While a good leader sustains momentum, a great leader increases it.
- John C. Maxwell

Higher performance from leadership is the most effective way to increase and sustain success in organizations.

High performance organizations engage teams and individuals to execute in a superior way – this is the role of leadership.

The high performance leadership program from Leadership Resource Institute provides:

  • Insights
  • Exercises
  • Individual application to increase the effectiveness of leadership across the enterprise

Our HPLP experience provides your leaders with the tools, understanding and practice to strengthen your most important competitive asset and accelerate a winning team.

Participants in HPLP will be able to:

  • Identify the critical role of leaders in high performance organizations
  • Assess their leadership against high performance leadership skills
  • Shift their leadership through application of tools and coaching
  • Shift the culture of their teams for higher performance
  • Recognize which styles of leadership to apply in context
  • Communicate for both strategic inspiration & operational success
  • Participate effectively in conflict management
  • Influence across the organization for enterprise success

About the HPLP

The program is designed with “modules” that are linked with a common language and proven leadership models.

The program is structured for delivery in a two consecutive day format with breaks and lunch each day.

Participants will interact with leaders from diverse organizations.

Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.

The program is appropriate for Executive, Mid-Level and First Line Leaders.

Program Outline

Module 1: High Performance Leaders

  • Understanding the role of the leader
  • Recognizing High Performance Leader (HPL) attributes
  • Self-assessment for HPL Attributes
  • Coaching & Feedback
  • Connecting with others
  • Superior performance through Candor and Trust
  • Developing emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Module 2: Situational Leadership

  • Alignment factors in Leadership
  • Assessing Needs of players
  • Leading Growth
  • Driving Change
  • Driving employee Engagement

Module 3: Leadership Communication

  • The communication lever
  • Authenticity in Leadership
  • Inspirational Communication

Module 4: Conflict and Influencing Skills

  • Conflict as a positive force in teams
  • Understanding conflict styles
  • Practicing courageous conversations
  • Individual commitments

Upcoming Workshops

Monday, July 20, 2015 at 8:30 AM - Warrenton, VA