Collaboration and Decision Support Toolset

Our "ThinkTank" solution for local and distributed collaboration brings a new dynamic to leadership team meetings. The toolset allows groups to:

Harness the wisdom around you.

  • Quickly and efficiently gather requirements and background from colleagues, partners, and clients.
  • Dramatically increase idea generation and synthesis with anonymous brainstorming. Engage all types and separate ideas from egos.
  • Refine ideas quickly though sort, organize, and prioritize features
  • Analyze the concepts with powerful voting and assessment tools that enable everything from simple ranking to complex multi-criteria analysis. Watch in real-time as votes roll in.
  • Clarify positions, drive creativity, and attain consensus on actions

Create a Higher ROI from Every Meeting

  • Facilitate same-time or any-time participation of hundreds of participants – anytime, anywhere.
  • Discover the undiscovered options. Easy to use categorizer helps participants quickly identify what options are missing. Analyze the options with custom voting tools and watch the votes roll in as the charts provide real-time visual feedback.
  • Save hours of documentation and administration. Summarize team discussions, analysis and outcomes in Word, Excel or PDF with the push of a button. Save 70% of the typical time to report
  • Make meetings 75% more efficient. Accelerate clarity, decision making and commitment level through extremely efficient participation. No travel. Fast setup. Little documentation. Get to the critical issues, create the solutions and get back to work.
  • Enhance execution of outcomes. Participation in the ThinkTank process enhances buy-in to the outcomes and has a proven impact on execution.
  • Replace expensive web conferencing tools and get real-time feedback on presentations. New Presentation activity enables presenter to gather real-time, anonymous feedback from viewers on each slide. Hear what they really think and adjust on the fly. More powerful for sales than screen sharing technologies as you engage the client in a collaborative sales process.

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